6 kinds of food improve the world of costive _ cate easily

6 kinds of food improve constipation easily

2014-10-24 10:28:28

Guide language: Constipation is people in the life most a problem that often encounters, it is one looks be like simple and compare actually complex, make a person painful already and the thing of awkwardness making a person. The person that makes an appointment with above of half the number according to statistic ever had sufferred costive torment, mix in old people, pregnant woman, children especially be on a diet the occurence rate in the person that reduce weight is very high. 6 kinds of simple food are recommended to improve constipation easily to everybody below.

① ripe banana: Sex of banana flavour pleasant is cold, enter gastric classics. Have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop the effect of slippery bowel of lung of thirsty, embellish. Every is tepid the person that constipate of irritated thirsty of ill, mouth, defecate, haemorrhoid bleeds is comfortable at often eating. But lienal empty have loose bowels person unfavorable however. Banana contains rich prandial fiber, sugar cent, protein, vitamin, mineral very rich also, have very good embellish bowel aperient function. Quantity of heat also is resided in the fruit tall, and contain a lot ofpotassium. The patient that apparent oedema and need ban salt is unfavorable eat more. Can pound juice with Shang Huo of to be taken orally, decoct. Nevertheless, the expert expresses, this kind of action has squashy banana to just be had only, unripe banana may rise counteractive, because unripe banana flavour is acerbity, have the effect of convergent, astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating, can cause constipation.

Speak of this I want to say a thing, banana can treat constipation to be able to treat diarrhoea again. If diarrhoea can eat on 2 banana,can alleviate diarrhoea, light person can heal. Do not eat more, eat much may be just the opposite to what one wished. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s medicaments includes already at ordinary times the Chinese traditional medicine that we say, more fruit and the staple food such as the big jujube that includes us to eat at ordinary times, apple, sweet pear, rice, corn. And dosage is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s broad and profound place more, some small dose are used is a kind of action, large dose appears another plant or adverse effect.