The world of knowledge _ cate of draft fruit is chosen when falling ill

The science of draft fruit is picked when falling ill

2012-02-07 14:14:53

The fruit contains a large number of fiber, and still have a lot of vitamins, so, draft fruit has profit very much to the body.

However, because they are right the body is good, be without scruple does the ground eat? Where is the health that how can you eat? Expert proposal, the fruity measure that the person with normal body takes everyday, ultimate control is in two or 3, eat too much, not regular meeting has profit to the body.

The science of draft fruit is picked when falling ill

If be a patient, can eat a few fruits selectively to disease, otherwise, meeting of things go contrary to one’s wishes.

Fat: Those person draft fruit that are reducing weight should have a choice, had better eat less apple and carry child, because former high fever is measured, high in syrup divides latter. The fruity on the market is a lot of more phyletic, their nutrition is combined also each are not identical, so, draft fruit also should accomplish know fairly well.

Draft fruit also should accomplish know fairly well

Diarrhoea: Appropriate eats grape, pomegranate, apple, Yang Mei fruit that has convergence to use; Unfavorable eat banana, pear, watermelon to wait slant the fruit with aperient bowel of cold, embellish, because eat hind send have diarrhoea of defecate jalf congealed easily, aggravating illness.

More, acerbity bowel stops have diarrhoea action, after eating easy cause constipation.

Ulcer, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is overmuch: Unfavorable pear taking sick at heart, citric, Yang Mei, green plum, plum contain the fruit with higher sick at heart, have caustic ulcer heal in case, or be added suddenly because of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and aggravating disease.

Dyspepsia, asthmatic: Unfavorable eat the Yi Sheng such as jujube phlegmy, aid fruit of digestive of taste of hot, be a hindrance to.