10 kinds of food protect the world of cate of _ of your whole body

10 kinds of food protect your whole body

2012-02-07 14:13:03

Common saying says: What to eat to fill what. But do you know cerebrum, heart, lung, hair to wait what to kind of food need? The expert offers a piece of whole body for you ” food map ” , tell you the dietary secret recipe of cap-a-pie, let you eat bonnily, eat healthily.

10 kinds of food protect your whole body

Protect a head: Spinach

Because have carotene and exceed oxide branch to change enzymatic wait for composition ” reductive food ” , the pathological change that can prevent cerebral blood-vessel and protect cerebrum. What is belonged to ” reductive food ” ? The expert considers to think, spinach be the first to be affected. It is the vegetable such as leaf of horn of leek, green, pea, tomato, carrot, small greens, soja, garlic next, the carapace such as walnut, earthnut, happy fruit, cashew, pine nut, almond kind food, and when waiting to be worth your filling head, soup of unpolished rice meal, pork liver is chosen.

Shield an eye: Yam

Vitamin A element has ” protect a small bodyguard ” say, if human body lacks it, the eye experiences the ability of weak light to be able to drop, to the suiting of dark environment ability also can drop, serious when suffer from easily on nyctalopia. Be transformed by carotene and vitamin A is become. Except carrot, rich carotene also is contained a lot ofin yam, can offer rich vitamin A, OK and promotional eyesight, and often feed yam to have profit to the skin.

Protect hair: Kelp

Speak of to protect the food of hair, you know the likelihood very more, the black sesame seed that can make a hair pitch-black for example, the ginger that can make wool happening long, the walnut that perhaps can make a hair ablaze. But who is you know food protects all-pervasive champion of hair? It is kelp, nutrient expert thinks, often edible kelp not only the iodic element of can compensatory body, and correct sends grow, moist, bright lustre also have special effect.

Protect lung: Tomato

Newest research of England discovers, have tomato every weeks 3 times above can prevent respiratory system disease, protect double lung to avoid the infection that suffers a bacterium. But the dissolubility in the content of tomato red element and tomato the content of candy becomes inverse ratio, that is to say, the more not sweet tomato, among them content of tomato red element is higher.

Leg guard: Banana

The banana that the element that contain potassium abounds is first of the rank in food ” beautiful leg ace ” , what it contains rich potassium element to be able to help muscle of ministry of your extend leg and precautionary leg cramp. Rank second ” beautiful leg ace ” it is celery, it has many colloid sex calcium carbonate, easy be absorbed by human body, can complement double leg place needs calcium to pledge, still can prevent dropsy of below half body.