Internal medicine is bronchitic the world of cate of square _ of dietotherapy medicinal food

Internal medicine is bronchitic dietotherapy medicinal food square

2012-02-07 13:59:59

4 benevolence egg congee

Burden: Walnutmeat 200 grams, groundnut 200 grams, white nutlet 100 grams, sweet almond 100 grams, egg a certain number of.

Make a way: Grind before 4 makings officinal end.

Officinal: Everyday early morning is hollow take medicine end 20 grams, add an egg to boil congee. Take the advantage of heat to eat, take 4 months repeatedly.

Explain: Fill lienal be good at stomach, relieve a cough smooth asthma; Chronic to old age bronchitic have curative effect.

Soup of lung of Qi art pig

Burden: The root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams, fry the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes 15 grams, pig lung 500 grams, vegetable oil, Jiang Ge 10 grams, soy, green paragraph, Chinese prickly ash, pepper, garlic, salt, gourmet powder all right amount.

Make a way: Pig lung is put in boiling water to go hematic water, cut small. Ginger section, enter together with pig lung fry pan, pour the stir-fry before stewing such as cooking oil, salt to fry, add water to stew, add the root of remembranous milk vetch, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes (gauze bag) . Fast ripe when put condiment, stew ripe can.

Officinal: Lie between 2 days to take 1 dose, take 5 doses repeatedly.

Explain: Beneficial is angry be good at lienal, filling lung relieves a cough; To coughing, feed little empty of disposition of jalf congealed, lung has curative effect.

Soup of pigeon turtle shell

Burden: Pigeon 1, turtle shell 30 grams, ginger 10 grams, salt, garlic, Chinese prickly ash, green paragraph, gourmet powder all right amount.

Make a way: Go to the pigeon miscellaneous, abluent; Turtle shell dolly loads pigeon abdomen in, plunge into a mouth with the line, install a bowl, put condiment, lie between water to stew sodden can.

Officinal: Everyday 1 agent, eat the flesh to drink boiling water, take 1 week repeatedly.

Explain: Appropriate comes loose relieve a cough; Have curative effect to tracheitis.

Cake of yam hyacinth bean

Burden: Big jujube 20 grams, sweet almond 40 grams, rice 300 grams, yam 60 grams, wide dried tangerine or orange peel 30 grams, bright white hyacinth bean 40 grams, rock candy is right amount.

Make a way: Mix all burden, pound, mix divide evenly, make it gives birth to cake, use high heat steam 20 minutes namely ripe.

Officinal: Take 255 grams everyday, cent eats 3 times, take 5 days repeatedly.

Explain: Filling lung relieves a cough; Chronic to old age bronchitic have curative effect.