Dietotherapy goes the world of cate of white hair _

Dietotherapy goes white hair

2012-02-07 13:52:21

Treat white hair, besides using remedy, still can use following a few kinds of simple and easy methods:

Scalp massages a law

Daily after before sleeping, getting up with morrow, with the finger knead scalp of both hands, arrive from forehead classics the top of head first occipitalia every time 2 ~ 4 minutes, minutely back and forth knead 30 ~ 40, lengthen stage by stage later every time 5 ~ 10 minutes. Want to hold on for a long time only, after waiting for 34 years but full head black hair. Scalp massages a law to have very good stimulative effect circularly to blood, also be need of place of old people health care.

Dietotherapy square

pan of black soya bean clean and via relapsing evaporate, after basking in, lay aside within porcelain vase, every solar eclipse 2, feed 6 grams every time, after chewing, weak brine sends. In the meantime, eat an egg again everyday 1, big walnutmeat 2, insist to take, have curative effect surely.

Take big walnut 12, shuck crust and fleshy jacket film, fry walnut flesh sweet mincing reserve, take medlar, the tuber of multiflower knotweed additionally each 60 grams, red bean or black soybean 240 grams.

Add medlar and the tuber of multiflower knotweed right amount water to be the same as decoct first, go to the filter after juice is concentrated broken bits, will fry next sweet mincing walnut flesh and black soya bean throw juice together in, be the same as decoct to be absorbed to be by black soya bean entirely to walnut flesh completely mashed, juice again degree. Take out air or microtherm drying to be able to be taken finally. Daily take 2 times, every time 9 grams of 6 ~ , take at any time when hollow or morning and evening is hungry.

Will bright mulberry 1000 grams (or dry taste 500 grams) abluent, add water right amount decoction, every 30 minutes take decoct fluid 1 times, add water to be boiled again next, take decoct fluid 2 times in all. After amalgamative decoct fluid, shrink with boil down of small fire simmer in water again, to relatively ropy when, add honey cease-fire of 300 grams boil, wait for cold hind bottle reserves. Every time 1 spoon, rush with boiling water change drinkable, daily 2.

Take walnutmeat 1000 grams, in putting cold water, immerse 3 days, skin of the take out after be being taken out is pointed, put right amount white sugar into boiler next, wait for divide evenly of the agitate in peach kernel falling after dissolving, cold hind can edible. Daily eat 2 times. Every time 10 grams.

Shen of will black sesame seed, Xian Sang pound of each 250 grams, rejoin honey a few is smooth in buy bottle, every time 1 spoon, send with plain boiled water take, daily 3.

Hogwash of polished glutinous rice ferments rub washs a law, will clean out the hogwash below filter of polished glutinous rice, drop takes base layer to deposit 3 days, wait for its to ferment acidify hind, brush rub hair with its, clean after clean, daily 1. Prolonged is used, can make white hair blacken, and hair having profit, make a hair pitch-black splendent effect.

Soybean fry in shallow oil, with rice vinegar, soja, with rice vinegar the beans that boil comes sodden, go the beans is boiled stiff, tu Fa, can black needs black hair, make white hair blackens.

Black soya bean 250 grams, ginkgo 30, bruise is fried ripe, black sesame seed 100 grams, 150 grams fry the tuber of multiflower knotweed ripe, in bottle is being put after 4 flavour mix, 30 grams are taken after breakfast everyday.

Civilian proved recipe

Take black soya bean, black sesame seed, big jujube, head black, cultivated land each 40 grams, angelica, the rhizome of chuanxiong each 10 grams, join 60 degrees of rice wine 750 milliliter immerse 15 ~ after 20 days, every time profess to convinced 10 milliliter, daily 3; Glutinous rehmannia comes loose, virgin soil is yellow 2500 grams, slender acanthopanax skin 250 grams, the root of bidentate achyranthes 250 grams, go to the root of bidentate achyranthes seedling, glutinous rehmannia lodges for the night with wine dip, expose to the sun the 9 evaporate after working 9 bask in, pound medicine fine, a bamboo basket is become medicinal powder face, daily and hollow with lukewarm wine tone takes 10 grams (eat in all with congee of a thick soup also but) , avoid gives birth to green, turnip, garlic. These 3 kinds of medicaments cooperate, can fill gas blood, beneficial liver kidney, strong bones and muscles, can make person health macrobian, make white hair blackens, driving.