Darling summer go on a journey is small stick person _ cate the world

Darling summer go on a journey is small stick person

2017-05-23 14:38:13

As the change of people thinking idea, more and more people abandoned one everybody child the traditional pattern that round reunion circle spends the New Year, turn and take aim the perspective to the world outside. Go out outer unlike in the home, year young darling and young father and mother will face more problems.

The thought prepares with material

Give the case of each respect such as the weather that clear destination inspects first before travel, food, accommodation, prepare to give the article that should carry all right according to local circumstance next. But anyway, the clothings of darling, food, beverage and other articles for daily use must be deployed all ready, in order to have untimely needs.

The safety on vehicle

No matter sit,what vehicle travels, little baby had better make with infantile safety seat; does not let darling sit in the position that stands by corridor, lest because darling reachs little hand for curiosity be waited to contuse by the passenger of associate with or service car.

Decide fixed person takes care of darling

Repast, amuse oneself, when shopping, must appoint person specially assigned for a task to take care of darling, lest darling is touched by the thing that all sorts of expect are less than,the injury perhaps is in the person’s much place be lost.

Avoid to go congested is public

Take darling to go out must avoid to go congested is public, lest darling is squeezed,the injury perhaps contracts all sorts of diseases.

Understand the service project of the hotel and the network that handle all sorts of lash-up work

If baby is less, can consider to apply for safe infantile bed to the hotel, but the safe level that must ensure the infantile bed of the hotel reachs concerned section. Before be being entered, seek advice to hotel information desk first when encountering emergency, who should look for to provide a help.

Ensure the safety of the hotel

The circumstance of microscope guest room, eliminate to may bring any elements of harm to darling.