How to make the child relaxed learn phonetics 6 dried foods came fast surround the world of view _ cate

How to make the child relaxed learn phonetics 6 dried foods came fast surround view

2017-02-22 15:14:42

The child can feel as dry as a chip now and then when nursery school learns, learning phonetics in the child especially when, the parent and teacher learn the characteristic of phoneticize in nursery school with respect to this understanding child, master children to learn the method of phoneticize, will arouse the interest of child learning phoneticize through little game. Mastered a method only, the child just can learn more things in nursery school.

Children learns the method of phoneticize

1, learn phoneticize to say children’s song

Will learn phonetics with children’s song, got used to the characteristic of children already, make children is very easy in the children’s song of able to read aloud fluently of the sound of reading aloud again the interest with strong generation, it is kill two birds with one stone simply. Can learn children’s song first, the pronunciation of phoneticize is comprehended in children’s song, the; that write a law also can learn the pronunciation of phoneticize first, write a law, consolidate in children’s song again. Actually the parent still can seek a few in kind to it suitable, for example cock ” ” , can search to it corresponding musical belt listens to the child, such meetings that he remembers are firmer, what learn interest to also be added more subsequently is deep.

Children’s song of simple or compound vowel

Aaa, magnify mouth, unlock throat to learn to sing.

Ooo, round round mouth, cock early morning cries ” ” .

Eee, lie grin, goose loves natant buoyant.

Initial consonant children’s song

Right next semicircle Bbb, left next semicircle Ddd,

Right go up semicircle Ppp, left go up semicircle Qqq,

Only door N, double door M, walking stick F,

Umbrella T, the belt below Q hooks Ggg.

2, the edge learns the objective in the life is united in wedlock by the side of the letter, scene to help understanding remember.

Learn initial consonant for example ” M, N ” Nnn of a cave, two cave Mmm; learns syllabic Ma — my good mom, next returning.

3, stick letter, syllabic card to corresponding objective.

Be like, mi sticks the;men on rice to be stuck to the gate… make child visual sense ceaseless accept stimulation, stimulative memory.

4, consolidate exercise small glasses will help

Mouth of the pronunciation when learning phonetics very important, let children practice to small glasses, it can help orthoepy. The parent can follow darling one case to the mirror, the mouth that compares great master it is same.