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Darling drinks soya-bean milk these contraindication should keep away from

2016-10-25 10:54:23

Soya-bean milk is the traditional food of our Chinese, get of a lot of people love. Darling drinks soya-bean milk to be able to enhance strength, but is darling drinkable soya-bean milk when what contraindication is there? We look together!

The 4 big characteristics of soya-bean milk

1. soya-bean milk suits fat baby to replace milk edible

Soya-bean milk is right for fat baby, more advantageous than drinking milk health, it is because of index of soja blood sugar 15% , and milk is 30% . But, if be to grow the darling of development period, very big still to adipose demand, do not suggest to replace milk to be drunk to darling with soya-bean milk, best milk, soya-bean milk is drunk.

2. soya-bean milk suits allergic to lactose darling edible

Milk contains milk sugar, the person that there is 70% in person of Asian the yellow race does not absorb lactose, and soya-bean milk contains few sugar, it 100% be absorbed by human body place.

3. soya-bean milk can enhance darling strength

Soya-bean milk contains glucoside of black of rich not saturated fatty acid, soja, lecithin to wait for a few kinds of good to human body material, these material have the function that enhances darling immunity power, additional, 5 kinds of material that fight cancer still are contained in soya-bean milk.

4. soya-bean milk cannot replace milk completely

Soya-bean milk and milk protein quality are equal, iron is 5 times of milk character, and adipose not as good as 30% of milk, calcium has 20% of milk only character, 25% what phosphor is milk about character. Should not be so replace milk feed little baby directly with it.