“Turnip of go to bed gets out of bed ginger ” not be everybody all appropriate! – flying Hua Jiankang net

Have a friend the closest comply with turnip of “ go to bed gets out of bed the law of the preserve one’s health of ginger ” , after eating a turnip that water boils in the evening, sleep, sleep very well, the defecate in the morning is very delighted also, after someone else hears of, also decide imitated, this made the mistake with ancient mud.

Turnip of “ go to bed gets out of bed ginger ” is not to emphasize must taking turnip and a surname, what point to to before sleeping in the evening, want to maintain gastric bowel however is relaxed, want to notice to prevent cold heat preservation by day, turnip and ginger are provided nevertheless representative just, and also not be everybody suits this to have a way.

What gastric bowel should maintain really before sleeping is relaxed, if your dinner eats, is vegetable, it is half full status, do not have necessary increase a turnip. Have the person that feels full to bilge after the sort of dinner only, turnip eupeptic effect just appears important. Actually, may not is a turnip, all can the medicaments that disappear feeds is OK, want to be able to achieve gastric bowel discharge empty effect to go as far as possible only. And insomnious person, unless be the “ stomach that place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells,disaccord lies disturbed ” a kind, eat a turnip the effect of ability conduce Morpheus, if be,can’t raise mind because of lienal empty, painstaking effort and insomnia, the turnip can be more of a hindrance than a help only.

Like eating Jiang Ye in the morning, no more than is to prevent cold heat preservation. If your voice aches, defecate doing, inside in have heat, this ginger is about to stop. If your empty is cold fierce, the turnip of morning and evening should change ginger, be not this to cannot improve Xu Han position. What this kind of person needs is not the clear solution of the turnip, however content of lukewarm medicines of a hot or warm nature of ginger and so on and alimental are lukewarm fill.

Turnip of “ go to bed gets out of bed what ginger ” emphasizes is a law, is not specific prescription, want to be able to achieve the goal that mentions in manage law only, prescription can change, OK also because of the person different.

For instance the cold has a fever the rightest the Chinese traditional medicine that of disease is induce sweat, the “ cold Qing Dynasty that contains jingjie, almond for instance heats up ” of medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water. But if at hand is done not have, you ache on algid, body all over again, a bit sweat is done not have, that should look for a Western medicine that contains aspirin to eat, if connect this to also be done not have, end heats up tea one cup to go bubble sauna, as long as can sudoriferous, achieved remedial goal. Had written ” the ginseng in medical heart is recorded on the west ” renown cure Zhang Xichun, once matched aspirin to treat a cold with gesso, this is to be on the foundation of law of the cure in understanding, with work medicaments.