Husband and wife prevents ability of 5 things marriage net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of morality of sex of more long _

The husband and wife that just married, feeling is in ascendant trend all the time, but grew when the life time between husband and wife, in can bring about occurrence contradiction of husband and wife because of certain thing and habit at ordinary times, this is very normal thing, also avoid hard. In the life husband and wife should want to learn to communicate, want to had been communicated only, the thing is very good still solve, so is feeling those elements between husband and wife bring about?

  1, product of science and technology

Science and technology develops at full speed, changing the way of life of people. A lot of people are excessive to product of science and technology depend on, affect feeling of husband and wife badly even. Game of computer of mobile phone, flat, network has become ” of the commonnest “ a third party, hold the off hours of people, go against communicate. It is between husband and wife solve this one problem, can pass discuss, stipulate in fixed time Duan Yuan leaves product of science and technology, go to see a movie together or ramble park, maintain marital sweetness.

   2, lying

In know perfectly well a spouse to exist to the manner of something and oneself when difference, some people think, truth fact says to be able to cause brawl only, choose to seek the reason, way that weaves excuse thereby, avoid difference, evade an issue. In the end, often be for a lie, come with 10 lies round, make the problem rolls greater more like snowball.

However, there is no concealing on the truth, when when the spouse discovery is cheated, all problems still want to be faced afresh, can manage harder clear instead. Accordingly, openness should be accomplished as far as possible between husband and wife, when confronting difference, should the reason with respective explain, highlight good purpose, the behavior that conveys oneself is for domestic consideration, let the other side understands and show sympathy.

  3, won’t listen attentively to

Tell from sexual distinction, the men and women is put in difference in the manner when facing a problem. The husband often needs to assume make money the important task that raises the home, when facing a problem, it is train of thought with how solving a problem commonly, side overweight says a focal point only. And the wife is in when facing a problem, more apt expression, long to be listened attentively to, need audience.

In urbanism, life rhythm is fast, pressure is great, listen attentively to each other between husband and wife particularly important, this not only be helpful for untangle trouble, more conduce to maintain feeling of husband and wife. Both sides of husband and wife should ponder over a problem from angle of the other side more, if the husband is busying,work, female friend had better not hustle husband is interrupted. The husband knows the wife has a word to want to tell, answer to be listened attentively to patiently, it is her relaxedly.

   4, it is a center with ego

Singleton female in the care that lives in elder meticulously as a child, and fall for long at the competitive relation with onefold school, this makes singleton female very easy nurturance is the center, bad habit that disregards other to experience with ego. Should pay close attention to each other between husband and wife and show sympathy, develop common life interest, like budget traveling, read etc, 2 people can share experience and result, light the scintilla of love again.

  5, intense brawl

2 people of husband and wife are put when serious difference to the problem, incidental intense brawl or assault and battery, break out limbs conflicts even, this is put in annihilative blow intimately to emotive of husband and wife. When discovery voice of the other side greatens, the mood begins excited when, should keep one’s hair on, swift departure, accomplish the segregation on the space, after waiting for 9 hours, sit to talk again. In the meantime, should follow 3 principles: 1. Admit the viewpoint of the other side, conversion ponders over;2. Express oneself opinion, let the other side understand;3. Search middle-of-the-road, remove inner barrier.

We knew these reasons cause the sensation between husband and wife, in the following life, must learn to communicate between husband and wife, be helpful for the feeling between husband and wife so.