The man in sexual life thinks the wife says _ of some of psychology of sex of what word _ net of doctor of neighbor of _ of adjacent little sister

InSexual loveMany male friends compare the respect the woman is more sensitive, some moment still can lack safe sense, this moment gives the man’s certain spirit to encourage with respect to need woman, let him feel you are her only men, suppose this moment, woman performance is exceedingly flat, the psychology that can allow a man very easily suffers harm, affect the feeling between your husband and wife, some of word that what encourages should that wife say to the man?

Neighbor doctor net / love

Handle is put be here

Although old husband and wife is familiar with each other body very, but often utterance reminds sexual love of harmony of undoubted can good husband and wife. Caressing is serious foreplay content, explore new excited division to be able to promote sexual love of husband and wife quality.

I am worn to you

Man very enjoy a woman to wear a covered process to him, the little hand of feminine tenderness caresses his crucial position, let him very be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy. And you are worn actively to him, what also do not wear certainly is condom, still be Du Lei likely this O shine become aware shock shock annulus, it lets every time bump accompany shake, the sensitive dot of accurate and exciting woman, make feminine climax ceaseless. Superior stretch material is qualitative, clingy penis, make haemal circumfluence slow down, fungous sarcous fiber spins increase, extend sexual time effectively! Make passion more abiding joy is doubler!

Tell a Duan Zi of meat or fish to him

Duanzi of meat or fish and pornographic jest say to wait between husband and wife, conduce to stimulation each other desire, extend sexual time. It is the man prefers the Duan Zi that tell meat or fish commonly nevertheless, if the woman is willing if, also can tell to try, the effect also is pretty good.

I want to look

Compare with female photograph, the man is stimulated more easily in sexual process by the vision, this is the reason that the man loves lamp passion. If the wife says “ ,I want to see ” , in the middle of that man one’s heart’s desire. In fact, can each other take in everything in a glance, extremely more marvellous than fumbling in darkness.

I the dream arrived last night ……

Even if word said an in part only, he what the heart has Ling Xi also can dope out pretty close. Sexual illusion is normal phenomenon, husband and wife can share a gender to imagine experience to conduce to joint creationSexual lifeMiracle.

I want to kiss you

Generally speaking, the woman is active in sexual love, the man won’t refuse. Because the man rejects the kiss of the wife very hard. The body ” that although the wife speaks “ only,I think to kiss you this word, also can arouse man passion for an instant.

I like your smell

This word can let man feeling provide masculinity extremely. Special appreciate conduce enhances husband and wife to be spent intimately, let him know how to arouse you, conduce to both sides entering close state more easily.

Ready tell me at any time

A few couples complain, sweetness of husband and wife often is disturbed by the child. This word is to telling a lover, sexual love is very important, oneself at any time willing company with. The time that husband and wife agrees a both sides won’t suffer interference shares lingering, also be right choice.

You are too marvellous

Tell him your feeling directly, the sex that can communicate each other better experiences. To him, “ is extremely marvellous ” is to make its most the encouragement of on wings and praised word, can make sexual whole process cheerful and clinking.

I like this pose

Female on top can give the woman older active right, the conquer that can satisfy the woman better is about to mix have desire. To the man character, also be tremendous sexual excitement. Right now, the man needs to cooperate only, do not use up energy completely to be able to finish sexual activity.

I wanted to be done so by day

Sexual fantasy conduces to alleviate pressure, make the job more excited. When telling him “ attends a meeting today, I think such doing. ” shares since of dream of white day sex to praise and be encouraged tremendously to him, also can make oneself more excited.

These speech that urge a man have effect very much in sexual life, if you can add an attention more, your meeting discovery is encouraged in yours below, the man more power fierce. ,