The bosom avoids car tail gas to pollute during pregnant

One uses the research discovery that place of blood of infantile umbilical cord makes, the change of a kind of gene that appears in pollution of car tail gas and fetal development process is concerned, increased cheeper to suffer fromAsthmaticIll risk. This is the scientist contacts pollution and gene change together first. .hzh {display: none;

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How does the baby have milk

Milk is by hormonal reach reflection action to arise, in bosom pregnancy, inside body hormonal changing namely, preparative gland body is organized in order to produce milk. What organize as gland body is proliferous, the breast greatens gradually, postpartum hormonal change, make the breast begins to produce milk, when the baby begins to suck, be

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7 secret women want uterine hidden to caress it attentively

1, menstruation comes from an uterusInsideFilm .hzh {display: none; } The surface layer of uterine wall is inside film, menstruation arises here. After period ends, below action of ovarian excretive estrogen, velar cell begins to grow inside, 5~9 climate thin thin inside film covered whole uterus face, add gradually next thick, uterine gland body is

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